Turtle Rock Resort believes in environmental stewardship and is committed to being green. We all have a responsibility to help preserve our surroundings. Turtle Rock takes this responsibility seriously.

Turtle Rock Resort is located on a reclaimed lumber mill previously covered with junk cars, piles of hot water heaters, and old lumber mill equipment on the Hunter Creek estuary. The site was extensively cleaned and now provides a beautiful ocean getaway for many appreciative guests.

Beach Resort at Turtle Rock has recently qualified for national designation in the National RV Parks and Campground Association (ARVC)/Woodall's Directory "Plan It Green Friendly Parks" and ARVC's "Plan It Green Pledge". The recognition is based on a list of eighteen green-friendly criteria. The designation is built on reduce, reuse, recycle principles. Turtle Rock Resort achieved recognition by meeting more criteria than was required, is proud to be part of the program, and practices as many eco-friendly precepts as possible.

Turtle Rock Resort's Eco-Friendly Practices:
  • Our new group room, office, meeting and exercise rooms are all recycled buildings
  • Owners and staff live on site, no driving to and from work, 12 staff members in winter, 25 in summer
  • Electric carts used for transportation within resort
  • Compact fluorescent light bulbs are used and recycled
  • Resort site is reclaimed mill site
  • Recycle as much as possible in a rural area with a limited recycling market
  • Low flush toilets
  • Small, low water use dishwashers
  • Extensive tree planting
  • Guest linens laundered on guest request basis to save water
  • Ecological cleaning products
  • Open space, low density development, 109 sites on 22 acres
  • Some on-demand water heaters
  • Local mild climate does not require air conditioning or extensive heating
  • Drought resistant cottage landscaping
  • No smoking in any buildings
  • Timers on outdoor lighting
  • Timed sprinklers
  • Use of compost
  • Pre-treated sewage before discharging into city sewer
  • Holiday lighting uses energy efficient lights on timers and transformers
  • Permeable roads for water absorption and habitat protection
  • Riparian buffer zone on creek banks
  • Carbon driving offset information available
  • Wood-saving cement siding on cottages
  • Indigenous plantings
  • Paperless, electronic reservation confirmations
  • Fire rings made from recycled truck tire rims
  • Recycled soda cans and bottles contributed to local mentor program for the disabled
Turtle Rock Resort:  We are Green!

Help clean up the beach. Get a bag in our office, fill it up. Turtle Rock was awarded a green leaf for meeting the eco-friendly standards of Trailer Life and Woodall's Guides and recommended by The Green Book. 
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