Turtle Rock News Blog:  April - June 2012
Whale burp found on beach at Turtle Rock Resort
Great Find on the beach at Turtle Rock Resort!

One of our guests found a whale burp on the beach at Turtle Rock Resort. Also called a beach ball or whale fur ball, they really have nothing to do with whales.

They are round or oval balls probably shaped by curling action of the waves. Apparently noone has done a scientific study yet. Chance for a grant, perhaps? They are usually made of vegetation - sea or dune grass mixed with snail egg cases, pine needles, fishing line, seaweed - whatever can get rolled into a ball.

They are found on beaches all over the world. We've been here for almost 15 years and this is the first one we've seen. Pretty lucky guest! You just never know what can be found on the beach! 

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