Turtle Rock News Blog:  Sept. - Dec. 2013
Local beer tasting part of Turtle Rock adventure
Many travelers make local beer tasting part of their adventure. A short walk across the street from Turtle Rock Resort in Gold Beach, Oregon is a newly opened brewery named Arch Rock. Even though the brewery just opened in January of 2013, they have already won a gold medal with a State of Jefferson Porter that is amazing. It's dark, rich and chocolatey goodness.

The brewer, James Smith, entered the second largest beer contest in the country, the North American Beer Awards. His intention was to get feedback from other brewers on Arch Rock's beer in the blind tasting. He got quite a surprise!

Since its conception, the brewery has produced 300 barrels and will likely hit 500 by year's end, and 1000 next year. Business has been good for the small start-up, and Turtle Rock Resort's guests appreciate the $8.00 price of a growler. It's an interesting sight to look out the windows of the Turtle Rock office and see guests walking down the driveway carrying jugs full of craft beer.

Arch Rock also crafts a Pistol River Pale Ale and a lager, and recycles the spent grains to a local farmer to feed cows, chickens and pigs. Most of the beer ingredients come from the Pacific Northwest.

There are two other new breweries to explore in the southern Oregon area also. We invite you to visit Turtle Rock Resort and indulge in the many tastes of locally crafted beers.

Granny's on the Go at Turtle Rock Resort
Hello, fellow travelers.

We are two sisters of retirement age (mid 50's ish) who love to travel together and explore exciting places throughout our home state of Oregon in Tammy's camper van. Tammy is the blonde-haired sister and I am Tawna the reddish-haired sister. We are the Granny's on the Go! We hope you will enjoy our trip to a superb little spot on the southern Oregon coast where vacationers can enjoy themselves at a fabulous family reunions in the resort's large vacation home that is captivating (check out the pics), it just makes you want to stay there, or honeymoon in romantic style with sunset walks, freshly grilled foods, and late night hot tub soaks. They have so much to delight in at Turtle Rock Resort; can you figure out why they named it Turtle Rock? The Granny's went Glamping on this trip!

Sometimes Glamping is our idea of camping and having a great time for a couple of nights. We love to travel on a budget and see where that takes us and what we can do with limited funds; where can we go, what can we do? We decided to see what Glamping was all about.

Glamping is higher end camping; it has the nice conveniences of a hotel, (hot tubs, etc.) but you are out in nature and camping for a lot less than a hotel, especially one that is creek and ocean front. Recently, we visited the really nice folks at Turtle Rock Resort, Gold Beach, OR -where Turtle Rock greets the sea. From our home west of Eugene, Oregon, we took Hwy 101 South to Gold Beach, stayed on Hwy 101 until we saw the signs for the resort and Hunter Creek Loop, then took a left onto a graveled road that winds along a creek then we crossed it to find the main office.

There, we were greeted by two beautiful, friendly boxer dogs; it is a very pet friendly resort. The resort staff members were very friendly and helpful. The RV and Glamping cabins are priced very reasonably for all they offer. We thoroughly enjoyed our personal hot tub and deck complete with fully stocked gas grill--some of the wonderful amenities you will find at this creek side, ocean front resort. In the office, you will find pretty Sea Baskets and some camping and gold hunting supplies for sale. They offer classes on how to make the Sea Baskets along with Yoga classes, a great fitness room and common room.

We drove along the creek to a semi-secluded camp ground and found our site, there are many easy access sites for RV's, campers and tents. After getting plugged in and set up, we took a walk to the beach. As we followed the creek to the ocean and went under the Hwy 101 overpass, rounding a corner we were greeted by the giant Turtle Rock who stands guard over a gorgeous beach just right for rock hounding! The beach is fairly level, no big dunes to cross, and it has many small rocks, some agates, interesting driftwood pieces, great photo opportunities, and there is a very cool rock formation to explore-the turtle.(Remember to check for any restrictions before removing anything from beaches.) Check out the great photos we took there. Later, we walked around the grounds to check out the other conveniences available at this scenic resort. There is a laundry and shower area, and the showers have GREAT water pressure and are nothing like a typical 'camping' showers. We were truly taken with the large bathrooms with tubs and showers. Everything here was clean, well maintained, and ever so inviting, we had such a great couple of days of rest and relaxation; we plan to return with our husbands soon.

The staff let us visit the beach cottages they have available for camping and all I can say is they are very upscale camping cabins! Check out the photos! Go to their website for more photos and information, this is a camping resort that we give our highest marks to for location, price, amenities, and friendliness to people and pets, with some great recreation attractions all around. You can enjoy crabbing, world-class river fishing, boat races and rides, kayaking, whale watching, and a whole lot more! Check out their website for further information, it is worth the stay.

So, whether you are looking for prime RV vacationing or simple tent camping, you can find it all at TURTLE ROCK RESORT! Tell them the Granny's sent ya!

'Til the next trip, safe travels.

The above blog was posted courtesy of Tammy and Tawna, "The Granny's on the Go!" 
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Make local beer tasting part of your adventure
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