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Southern Oregon Coast Hiking Trails

You will discover that Gold Beach, Oregon is a hiker's paradise offering dozens of scenic hiking trails through the beautiful southern Oregon coast, rivers, and wilderness areas. The scenery - whether sandy beach, rocky outcroppings, green meadows teaming with flowers, old growth or redwoods, clear lakes, rushing rivers, rainforest, or rugged river canyons - is awe inspiring and uniquely Southern Oregon.

With many hikes to choose from ranging from easiest to more difficult, short or miles long - you're sure to find one that suits you! Trail guides and maps for the Coast Trail, Rogue and Illinois River trails and others are available at the Gold Beach Visitors Center which is just a short distance from Turtle Rock Resort, and also at the Gold Beach Ranger District Office.

One of the most enjoyable and easily accessible hikes in Gold Beach is simply walking on the beach, and the RV sites and vacation cottages at Turtle Rock Resort are just steps from miles of sandy Oregon beach complete with craggy outcroppings, unique driftwood, marine life and fabulous views.

While we've listed several local favorite Gold Beach-area hikes below, you'll find information about many more at the web site of the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Frances Shrader Old Growth Trail

This trail is an excellent outdoor learning experience and has some of the Northwest's largest hardwoods and stately old growth Douglas fir trees on the one-mile loop trail. The virgin forest here is dense, lush and green. Several of the old trees show fire scars from flames which burned the area many years ago, but the trees' thick bark protected them from serious harm. In all, more than 22 species of trees, plants, and shrubs can be seen along this trail. The trail has a gentle slope suitable for all ages with two benches and two picnic tables tucked along it's length.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: 1,100 Feet
Length: 1.5 Miles One Way
Difficulty: Easiest
Directions: From Gold Beach take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595, which turns into Forest Service road 33) east to Lobster Creek. Turn right on Forest Service road 090 for 2 miles to the trailhead on the left side of the road.

Myrtle Tree Trail

This very short trail of 1/4-mile leads one through a beautiful myrtle grove that is believed to contain the oldest and largest myrtle tree known to exist on Earth. This tree is 88 feet tall, 42 feet in circumference at the base, and has a canopy that spreads 70 feet. Experts estimate that the upper branches are about 200 years old, the trunk is about 400 years old, and the root system age is unknown. The trunk of this tree is hollowed out from repeated fires over the centuries. Red alder, big-leaf maple, tanoak, and Douglas-fir are also found in the surounding forest.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: 200 Feet
Length: .25 Miles One Way
Difficulty: Easiest to More Difficult
Directions: From Gold Beach, take Jerry's Flat Road (County Road 595, turns into Forest Service Road 33) east to Lobster Creek Bridge, approximately 10 miles. Turn left on Forest Service road 3310, cross the bridge over the Lower Rogue Wild and Scenic River and take the first right on Silver Creek Road, Forest Service road 3533. Proceed 0.25 miles to the trailhead and park at a small turnout on the right.

Illinois River Trail

One of the best hikes in the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest! Spectacular wildflowers, old-growth trees, rugged and steep river canyons and a wide variety of wildlife are just a few of the natural treasures you'll find on the Illinois River Trail. Fishing can be quite good at times, especially in late fall or early winter.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: 200 Feet to 3,747 Feet
Length: 28 Miles One Way (shorter hikes possible)
Difficulty: Easiest to Most Difficult
Directions: From Gold Beach, take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595 which turns into Forest Service road 33) up river almost to Agness. Turn right on Oak Flat Road (County road 450) just after cross the bridge over the Illinois Wild and Scenic River and follow to trailhead (left side) on the backside of Oak Flat.

Lower Rogue River Trail

The trail offers a scenic trek through one of Oregon's majestic rain forests. Wildlife is abundant. Possible animal sightings include, black bear, deer, and raccoons. The grade is gentle along most of the trail, with a few moderate slopes. The trail crosses a series of creeks, including a scenic waterfall at Auberry Creek. It also goes through Adams Prairie, site of an old Curry County homestead and school. Vegetation along the trail is rich and varied. Old growth Douglas fir over 500 years old can be seen, as well as dozens of varieties of wildflowers.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: 300 Feet
Length: 12.8 Miles
Difficulty: Easiest to More Difficult
Directions: West Trailhead: From Gold Beach take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595, which becomes Forest Service road 33) approximately 10 miles to the Lobster Creek Bridge. Cross the bridge and take the first right on Forest Service road 3533. Continue to Forest Service road 340 and follow signs to the trailhead. East Trailhead: from Gold Beach take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595, which becomes Forest Service road 33) to Agness. Turn west on the old Agness Road (County road 375) and drive past the old Agness Post Office to the trailhead at the Community Building.

Pine Grove Trail

Climbs five miles, from 600 feet to 2,700 feet elevation. Follows the divide between the Lower Rogue Wild and Scenic River and Fox Creek/Lawson Creek. There is a pine grove midway along the trail that offers a pretty view of old growth in a meadow setting. This is fairly easy trail with good views of the Illinois Wild and Scenic River canyon. It is recommended to start your hike from the upper south end, following the trail down to the north end on the Illinois Wild and Scenic River.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: 2,700 Feet at start
Length: 7 Miles
Difficulty: Easiest to More Difficult
Directions: From Gold Beach take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595, Forest Service road 33) up river about 27 miles to the Illinois River bridge. Trail access directly off road. South - Take Jerry's Flat Road east about 3 miles past Quosatana Campground to the junction of Forest Service road 3318. Follow to spur road 120 and trailhead.

Southard Lake Trail

This short easy trail leads to a small clear lake. The lake is approximately 0.5 acre with an average depth of 3 feet. The lake is a good location for a picnic, affording the peace and quiet of a forest setting. Opportunities include botanical observation, day hiking, wildlife observation, berry picking and solitude.
Season: Spring, Summer, Fall
Elevation: 2,400 Feet
Length: .5 Mile
Difficulty: Easiest
Directions: From Gold Beach, take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595, which becomes Forest Service road 33) approximately 10 miles to Lobster Creek. Stay on Forest Service road 33 approximately 39.3 miles to Forest Service road 3340 (Sawtooth Foster Road). Follow Forest Service road 3340 about 1.3 miles to the trailhead.

Upper Rogue River Trail

There are many picturesque vistas including churning whitewater flowing through rock gorges with nearly vertical walls, towering cliffs and majestic stands of large Douglas-Fir and Cedar. The Rogue River supports an interesting and diversified wildlife population including black bear, river otter, deer, raccoon, osprey, bald eagle and rattlesnake. Expect to see numerous rafting parties on the river and camping on the sandy beaches. Below Blossom Bar, jet boats are allowed for the private and commercial lodges, fishing and for tour boats.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: Varies, parallel to the river
Length: 42 miles
Difficulty: Easiest
Directions: From Gold Beach: Take Jerry's Flat Road (County road 595, which becomes Forest Service road 33) about 30 miles through Agness. Turn right onto the Illahe Road (County road 373), continue past Illahe Campground, and Foster Bar to a sharp right turn for the access road to Big Bend.

Oregon Redwoods Trail 1106

See majestic old-growth Redwood in the Chetco Ranger District which represent the only coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) found in the Pacific Northwest Region, located at the limit of their northern range.
This trail is designated "barrier free", and is wheelchair-accessible with a wide travel way, acceptable grades and crushed aggregate tread surfacing. A short wooden deck provides access to the inside of a hollowed redwood tree.
Season: Year Round
Elevation: 1,020 Feet
Length: .8 Miles One Way (complete loop)
Difficulty: Easiest for hikers, More Difficult to Most Difficult for wheelchairs
Directions: The trail is located about 11 miles southeast of Brookings, Oregon. From Highway 101 take County road 896, (Winchuck Road), to Forest Service road 1101. The trailhead is located at the end of the 1101 road.

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