Steps to the Ocean on the Scenic 101
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Port Hole Cafe
In 1968 the original cannery building was constructed in Gold Beach, Oregon. This wooden structure is the same location that the Port Hole Cafe is located to this day. Right around the time, the ocean troll was at its peak in fishing off the mouth of the Rogue River. With the addition of shrimp and crab fishery added in 1974, a full-scale seafood processing plant was needed. So one was constructed.

This processing plant included; two state-of-the-art shrimp machines, full carb cooking operations, a ten station salmon fillet line as well as fish smoking and canning facilities, but due to some environmental issues, such as the shoaling of the jetty entrance & the original entrance to the boat harbor, along with economic changes in the ever-growing and changing fishing industry, the private ownership of the processing facility was forced to change its ownership about three times by just 1984.

In about 1986 and remains to this day, decreases in Non-Tribal commercial troll fisheries withing the Klamath zone, of which the Rogue River is, in fact, a part of, had a further downward effect on the plants capacity to operate. Around Labor Day of the year 1991, the Fraser Basin Council Salmon Company had sub-leased the facility for some off-season sea urchin processing.

With the new necessity of the growing industry, they needed to diversify the Gold Beach community's economy, the Port decided that they would renovate the Cannery for a new retail facility with a restaurant included. This also included commercial processing facilities. In about 1995 the Port had completed phase 1 of the building process. Phase 2 was finished in the year 1997. The doors were finally opened to the public in March of 1998.

To this day it remains one of Gold Beach, Oregon's most famous and well-known restaurants along the coast.